3 ways to consistently MISS your income goals

3 ways to consistently MISS your income goals

OrchidGetting clients. Every entrepreneurs daily goal. After all if you don’t have have clients you don’t have a business. Many of us set revenue goals for the year. It gives us a target to shoot for, the ability to plan investments and we can anticipate how much we can live on from month to month. Hint… if you aren’t doing this, start now.


Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in the business for years. The way to miss your income goals stay the same.

1) Don’t reach out to new people every day – I set a weekly goal of reaching out to at-least 5 new people each week via phone, email, networking, or what have you. My rule is I have to introduce myself, tell them about my business and have get contact information. Even better? Schedule a quick phone call or coffee on the spot. I love meeting new people and seeing how I can help them. I have met some of the best referral partners from this practice and even clients.

2) Don’t follow up with people consistently– You know all of those business cards you grabbed at the last event you attended? Have you been in contact with them? How about the people who may have been interested in your services but didn’t end up buying last month? Schedule time to follow up with them regularly. Give them a call and check in. Don’t ask them to work with you, just call and see how they are. They may not have been ready to buy last month or even today. But nurture your leads with a quick call and see how you can help.

3) Don’t ask people to work with you on a regular basis- You have been reaching out to people and following up consistently for months but don’t forget at some point you need to ask someone to work with you. It may seem obvious to you but many times your prospects need to be asked if they want to work with you. Make sure you have this dialogue ready when the time is right. Set a goal and ask at-least 3 people each week to work with you.
If you build these 3 tasks into your daily and weekly routine opportunities, leads, and most importantly paying clients, will follow.

The best part is – these activities don’t take that much time 1-2 hours max a week.

Remember building a business is like growing and tending a garden. Every person is a seed and every touch point there after (follow ups, newsletters, social media, webinars, talks, etc…) is water and sun. Over time your plants will grow and when the fruit you have worked so hard to grow is ripe. Pick it and ask them to work with you. I guarantee it will be the most delicious fruit you have ever tasted because you grew it yourself.

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