5 Ways To Prioritize Your Day For Success

5 Ways To Prioritize Your Day For Success

Productive When you run your own business or if you are someone who has control of their schedule it can be hard to stay on track and quickly your monthly and yearly goals never happen.

If I’m not careful I can quickly burn a day feeling “busy.” But when I look at actually progress towards goals, nothing has been done and then I beat myself up for it.

Not a good feeling.

After a long period of juggling kids, life, and a business I realized that I was “busy” all the time, but if felt like I was just spinning my wheels. I knew I could make some changes to increase my productivity and ultimately help me reach my goals without feeling “busy” all the time. So I did, and after may different versions over the years. These are my favorites.

Here are my 5 steps to prioritizing my day for success.


Get up with a plan– Every morning there should never be a moment where you think to yourself… What “should” I be working on. Our brains are smart and if you give it the chance it will almost always pick the activity of least resistance, which oftentimes is not what is going to help you reach your goals. These are activities like, check your email, Facebook, grab something quick for breakfast etc.. without a plan for the day we quickly shift into autopilot.

Meditate- Adding this one activity seriously changed my life, and I like to do it every morning. It helps to center me, realign me with my priorities, keeps me focused and basically calms the crazy thoughts that tend to pop in my head throughout the day. You know like, “It’s cool, your busy, just grab that delicious doughnut on the conference room table.. everyones gotta eat sometime!” Meditating also reminds me that I don’t have to know all the answers nor is my job to figure them out. Just do your best and trust that the rest will unfold. The universe has got your back.

Such a better feeling than the when I feel like I have to control every little thing.

Here is one I am currently hooked on

6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

Exercise- this one has to happen to stay healthy and to continue being a contributor to society. So for me, it’s not a “maybe” it’s a “have to.” When I exercise each day I feel accomplished, healthy, strong, and in my body. But I don’t have the time most days to get to the gym and spend an hour working out. Luckily, evidence has come to light that changes all that. In a study conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario shows that just a small amount of high output exercise is just as good as prolonged exertion.

You can read about it HERE

Every morning I get up and do a quick 5-10 minute super high intensity work out. I feel great afterwards and love checking the box next to “work-out” in my calendar. I use the Bodyweight app from Freeletics.

Build every to- do into a time slot in your calendar – no more to-do lists- I believe in this 110%. To-do lists become a burden. If you have a to-do list I am betting that just the thought of it makes you go “ugh” because all the stuff you haven’t done is staring you in the face and you have to somehow squeeze it in between everything else. And it never happens. So get rid of it.

For over 5 years now I have operated without a to-do list. Instead whenever I have an activity that needs to be done. I open my calendar and plug it in on a specific time, on a specific day and I give myself the necessary time to complete it. If you make a habit of this very soon you will no longer have a to-do list but will have a calendar full of productive activities. All of these activities are what makes up your life so make sure you enjoy most of them and that they are moving you towards your greatest goals.

End the day by making sure tomorrow’s plan is set and ready to go. – Your end of the day routine is to set you up for a fantastic day tomorrow. Take a quick look over your calendar and make sure you are getting up in time to get everything complete without a rush and so you get enough sleep.

Just these 5 things can make a huge difference in how you feel about your day and will help you reach your goals with ease.

Do you think some of these could work for you? Do you have some tried and true hacks? Share them in the comments.

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