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Networking, Facebook ads and affiliates… what really works

Networking, Facebook ads and affiliates… what really works

There are so many options available to online service providers to market their businesses these days. But when we look at results have the outcomes actually changed? Have we all really shifted into consumers of small teasers that lead to a big sale with no personal interaction along the way?

Some may have you believe this to be true. There are countless courses on FB ads that claim to be the holy grail of lead generation if you “just do it right” but for many solo-preneurs the cost to “just do it right” is out of the question financially. Coming in a close second in popularity are google ads where the learning curve and cost to make any headway is astronomical for a new business owner.

Plus most of these leads are cold and will take many many touch points along the way in order to become raving fans.

For most solo-preneurs or small business owners, face to face relationships are the fastest way to create loyal customers and raving fans.

But how do you do that? The standards of what works to get a business off the ground quickly comes down to how many people you can talk to about your business personally and ask them to work with you. PERIOD.

I know these sound boring and outdated but there is a reason that we still talk about them… THEY WORK.

1)Network where your target market is hanging out: I don’t just mean stuffy old chamber meetings (no offense chamber, you know I’m a member.) Networking is wherever your clients are. Go find out where they hang out and go spend time there, make friends and tell them about what you do. Let it happen naturally.

2) Create events for your brand: For a long time there was a trend to only offer online programs or digital products with the whole idea focused on creating “passive income” but is that really what you are about? It puts you away from your brand and your people. Could you add in an in-person event so people could get to be in the same room with you?

Of all the brands I have watched grow over the years, every single one had a component of a live, in person offering. They people I have seen grow quickly and then fizzle out focused entirely on their online presence and nothing else.

3) Promotional partners: Find other businesses that love what you do and can help spread the word. THIS IS HUGE. Without help from your friends you are trying to grow your business in a vacuum and it is almost impossible. Start making these relationships a priority. Think about what businesses would be great referral or promotional partners for you and introduce yourself. Start creating a relationship. It will pay off dividends for you and your partners.

I don’t believe people have changed as much as we would like to believe in the digital age. We still want connections and there is no substitute for in person one on one time.

I know if you are reading this email you are trying to build a solid, long term business.

Get face to face with people It will make all the difference in your business.

Give To Yourself What You Need And Want- Client Highlight

Give To Yourself What You Need And Want- Client Highlight

I am thrilled to share with you a fantastic post from one of my Happy Entrepreneur Clients:

giving to self

It’s hard to ask for what you want, especially if you’ve experienced people saying no to you a lot, maybe it started in your childhood or all through out your life.

I always love referring back to this line from Create Your Best Year Audiobook, “as adults you now have the choice to make life easier for yourself and give yourself what you want”.

Traditional philosophy would tell us that we might need to reframe or rephrase the way we are asking for something if we are not getting what we want from someone. Yes, it’s possible!
However, I want to offer you something deeper to consider, an idea I have learned from the “congruent communication” philosophy. Ask yourself and only you, why do I want or need this right now?
Go ahead and actually answer the question, ideally in writing or in a journal if you have one. A random piece of paper would do just fine; the idea is to get out of your head. Keep asking yourself the question until you get yourself to an answer, of something you can give to yourself.
Be willing to give this to yourself as soon as possible. More often than not, what we may need is to express love to ourselves in whatever form we need it at the moment. This is usually what we are requiring from others.

The problem is, that when we rely on others to give us what we want, without the congruency of knowing why we want something and taking radical responsibility before hand to have the willingness to give this to ourselves, we become targets of falling into the ‘needy’ category, and no one wants to feel or called ‘needy’ or even worse, becoming the person who points the finger of judgment on those who refuse to give us what we are asking for.

Commit to your own clarity and provision of what you want and need. Realize that the expression of love of some type might be all you really need. This can come in the form of going to workout, writing in your journal, prayer, and meditation or getting work done that you have been avoiding. Insert your own idea of how you can best give yourself that which you seek. Watch; just watch the universe deliver it to you, through you and in unexpected packages. You hold the deep answer to what you want and the provision to satisfy it yourself.

Blurb about me:
Clara Angelina Diaz is a master life coach, who empowers professional women to increase their confidence and income, through the discovery of their life’s purpose., developing a positive and powerful mindset to achieve personal greatness.
She is the author of the audiobook program, Create Your Best Year (One Day at A Time) she is a new first time moms, who loves to remind other women that they have the power to achieve what they want most.


You don’t have to do it all today

You don’t have to do it all today

One of the biggest reasons my clients get stuck is because they are so focused on the outcome or goal that they forget it actually takes time to get there.

So many of us see our goal so clearly and we just want to get there already. So we push and push ourselves to get unrealistic amounts of work done in a week or a month. And when we don’t feel like we are hitting these goals and we get frustrated and stop.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“I know I am just starting but I am very driven and will do everything I know how to build my list. It will be at 4,000 by the end of the year.”

“I just started my business and have one client so far. I will be ready to quit my job in 6 months and depend on my business for income.”

While these are fantastic goals the time-lines are unrealistic. In order to build a list of 4 thousand email subscribers and successfully transition from your 9-5 you have to have a few things.

A PLAN- I can’t emphasis this enough. You need to know exactly how many subscribers you will bring in and from where. If a spreadsheet or calculator is not involved… this is not a plan. And when you start rolling out your plan, expect a lot of changes as you start to see results.

Money– You will need to have a bit of seed money to get this business off the ground. Especially if you intend to grow quickly. Gone are the days of free FB advertising.

FB ads are a great way to grow quickly but they do cost money, so be prepared. Which is why keeping your 9-5 for awhile is fantastic. You can invest a bit into your business as you grow and then when you are ready begin to make the transition out. But again, you need a PLAN (see above) and don’t forget to include business expenses into your figures.

Patience– It takes time to build a business. Most experts will say it takes about 5 years to build a consistent. profitable business.

So go slowly, be patient and try to enjoy the process along the way.

3 ways to consistently MISS your income goals

3 ways to consistently MISS your income goals

OrchidGetting clients. Every entrepreneurs daily goal. After all if you don’t have have clients you don’t have a business. Many of us set revenue goals for the year. It gives us a target to shoot for, the ability to plan investments and we can anticipate how much we can live on from month to month. Hint… if you aren’t doing this, start now.


Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in the business for years. The way to miss your income goals stay the same.

1) Don’t reach out to new people every day – I set a weekly goal of reaching out to at-least 5 new people each week via phone, email, networking, or what have you. My rule is I have to introduce myself, tell them about my business and have get contact information. Even better? Schedule a quick phone call or coffee on the spot. I love meeting new people and seeing how I can help them. I have met some of the best referral partners from this practice and even clients.

2) Don’t follow up with people consistently– You know all of those business cards you grabbed at the last event you attended? Have you been in contact with them? How about the people who may have been interested in your services but didn’t end up buying last month? Schedule time to follow up with them regularly. Give them a call and check in. Don’t ask them to work with you, just call and see how they are. They may not have been ready to buy last month or even today. But nurture your leads with a quick call and see how you can help.

3) Don’t ask people to work with you on a regular basis- You have been reaching out to people and following up consistently for months but don’t forget at some point you need to ask someone to work with you. It may seem obvious to you but many times your prospects need to be asked if they want to work with you. Make sure you have this dialogue ready when the time is right. Set a goal and ask at-least 3 people each week to work with you.
If you build these 3 tasks into your daily and weekly routine opportunities, leads, and most importantly paying clients, will follow.

The best part is – these activities don’t take that much time 1-2 hours max a week.

Remember building a business is like growing and tending a garden. Every person is a seed and every touch point there after (follow ups, newsletters, social media, webinars, talks, etc…) is water and sun. Over time your plants will grow and when the fruit you have worked so hard to grow is ripe. Pick it and ask them to work with you. I guarantee it will be the most delicious fruit you have ever tasted because you grew it yourself.

How to feel successful

How to feel successful

Have you ever wondered why we all say “I’ll be happy when I have enough money, great body, perfect relationship. Then I can relax, enjoy things, take a deep breath.”

You may not say these things out loud but if you take a minute and check in, chances are this is playing along happily in your head.

When I hit my revenue goal THEN I can stop worrying about money and THEN I will relax and be able to focus on something else. But what if we are doing it all wrong.

Maybe the trick is to relax, focus on the things we enjoy, keep working towards our goal but without the hard unrelenting gaze at the outcome.

Maybe we need to look around and realize that this is our life. Right now. Our life isn’t going to “start” when everything is perfect.

It’s already started.

Be that person you want to be but do it now, don’t wait until you reach the goal.

Who say’s you can’t feel confident, successful, loved, and calm just because you haven’t hit the goal 100%.

Feel confident, successful, loved, and calm because you are committed to this outcome and you are actively working towards it.


The world needs you. Your family needs you. Your business needs you.

The you that is kind to yourself and isn’t beating yourself up for not being perfect.

Live today and tomorrow as if you had already achieved everything you have ever wanted. See how it feels, who knows you may want to keep it up.

Much Love,


Can you be happy, productive, and successful?

Can you be happy, productive, and successful?

happy and successfulPeople are always asking me about productivity and how to generate more money each month. But what I find people are forgetting to ask about is how to have that feeling of happiness or fulfillment WHILE you are being productive and WHILE you are generating more clients.

Conversations very ofter go like this.

“Hi Sarah I would love to work with you because I need to figure out how to run my business, raise my kids, and keep my day job so I can make enough money. Then I won’t worry about money anymore and can be happy.”

While I totally get this, in fact if I’m not careful it can be my default setting.

But what is more important and what will actually bring you exponentially more peace of mind, money, clients, all around well- being, is to focus on what will make you happy right now.

Figure out the parts of your life that you adore. What about your day do you look forward to?

List out 5 things in your day today that you are grateful for. Not what you “should’ be grateful for. What you are actually grateful for. You will know you found because it gives a flutter in your heart or stomach it instantly sets you into joy.

Many of us “should” on what we are grateful for. I should be grateful for my beautiful children, but the truth is, today and yesterday they were fighting with each other and they were a bear to deal with.

Truth is you aren’t grateful for that today and that’s ok.

Maybe what actually brought you to tears of joy was the moment they were all in bed and you could open a fantastic bottle of wine and sip on it in peace.

So think about what you are honestly grateful for each day. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or sitting in your office listening to great music while you work.

I guarantee you start to see a shift in how you experience your productivity and success.

Can’t list 5 (don’t worry I couldn’t either when I started this) start with where you are now and start making some moments of joy. You are worth it. Let your freak flag fly and stop doing what you thing you “should” do.

Just do you.

5 Ways To Prioritize Your Day For Success

5 Ways To Prioritize Your Day For Success

Productive When you run your own business or if you are someone who has control of their schedule it can be hard to stay on track and quickly your monthly and yearly goals never happen.

If I’m not careful I can quickly burn a day feeling “busy.” But when I look at actually progress towards goals, nothing has been done and then I beat myself up for it.

Not a good feeling.

After a long period of juggling kids, life, and a business I realized that I was “busy” all the time, but if felt like I was just spinning my wheels. I knew I could make some changes to increase my productivity and ultimately help me reach my goals without feeling “busy” all the time. So I did, and after may different versions over the years. These are my favorites.

Here are my 5 steps to prioritizing my day for success.


Get up with a plan– Every morning there should never be a moment where you think to yourself… What “should” I be working on. Our brains are smart and if you give it the chance it will almost always pick the activity of least resistance, which oftentimes is not what is going to help you reach your goals. These are activities like, check your email, Facebook, grab something quick for breakfast etc.. without a plan for the day we quickly shift into autopilot.

Meditate- Adding this one activity seriously changed my life, and I like to do it every morning. It helps to center me, realign me with my priorities, keeps me focused and basically calms the crazy thoughts that tend to pop in my head throughout the day. You know like, “It’s cool, your busy, just grab that delicious doughnut on the conference room table.. everyones gotta eat sometime!” Meditating also reminds me that I don’t have to know all the answers nor is my job to figure them out. Just do your best and trust that the rest will unfold. The universe has got your back.

Such a better feeling than the when I feel like I have to control every little thing.

Here is one I am currently hooked on

6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

Exercise- this one has to happen to stay healthy and to continue being a contributor to society. So for me, it’s not a “maybe” it’s a “have to.” When I exercise each day I feel accomplished, healthy, strong, and in my body. But I don’t have the time most days to get to the gym and spend an hour working out. Luckily, evidence has come to light that changes all that. In a study conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario shows that just a small amount of high output exercise is just as good as prolonged exertion.

You can read about it HERE

Every morning I get up and do a quick 5-10 minute super high intensity work out. I feel great afterwards and love checking the box next to “work-out” in my calendar. I use the Bodyweight app from Freeletics.

Build every to- do into a time slot in your calendar – no more to-do lists- I believe in this 110%. To-do lists become a burden. If you have a to-do list I am betting that just the thought of it makes you go “ugh” because all the stuff you haven’t done is staring you in the face and you have to somehow squeeze it in between everything else. And it never happens. So get rid of it.

For over 5 years now I have operated without a to-do list. Instead whenever I have an activity that needs to be done. I open my calendar and plug it in on a specific time, on a specific day and I give myself the necessary time to complete it. If you make a habit of this very soon you will no longer have a to-do list but will have a calendar full of productive activities. All of these activities are what makes up your life so make sure you enjoy most of them and that they are moving you towards your greatest goals.

End the day by making sure tomorrow’s plan is set and ready to go. – Your end of the day routine is to set you up for a fantastic day tomorrow. Take a quick look over your calendar and make sure you are getting up in time to get everything complete without a rush and so you get enough sleep.

Just these 5 things can make a huge difference in how you feel about your day and will help you reach your goals with ease.

Do you think some of these could work for you? Do you have some tried and true hacks? Share them in the comments.

More Than One Way To Peel A Banana

More Than One Way To Peel A Banana

BananaThere is a prevailing myth that there is only one way to become successful and only one way to design your business for success. It’s usually the person selling you that “way” that is trying to convince you of this.

Their magical formula is so amazing that it can produce astonishing, mystifying amounts of income, with little work, and in a fraction of time.

All you have to do is buy it, follow the 5 simple steps, and poof- the dream life is yours.

While all of this sounds flipping fantastic and lord knows I would sign up tomorrow if any of it were actually true.

But it isn’t true.

Now this is not bad new people, on the contrary there are a million different ways to be successful in your work and in your business.

Thank goodness!

You do have to follow some basics.. you do need to go ask people to work with you and you do need to accept money as payment.

Unless payment in goats equals success for you. In that case, please call me. I am DYING to work with you.

But other than that you can be as creative as you want when you are putting together your plan.

I have worked with Realtors, VP’s of Marketing, VP’s of Finance, Therapists, Midwives, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Coaches, Nurses, MLM business owners, Bloggers, and Graphic designers just to name a few.

I have helped them grow their businesses and helped them to excel in their careers.

And not a single one followed exactly the same plan.

Each individual is unique, with different goals, different lifestyles, different careers, and different businesses.

It’s naive to think that there is only one way to success.

If you are certain of the work you want to do and are willing to work hard, get the support you need, and keep on keepin’ on even when it’s hard, you will be successful.

The best piece of advice I ever received was to surround myself with smart people. They will raise you up and remind you of what you are capable of.

Look around you in your life. Who inspires you and who motivates you to be better? Don’t have someone like that? Find one or invest in one.

No excuses.

Spend as much time with them as possible and figure out how to peel your own banana.

Logic Doesn't Live Here

Logic Doesn't Live Here

Beauty ContestOver the past year I was able to take a big step back from all the noise of online marketing. I continued to work with my amazing HE clients who astound me daily with their strength and smarts. But I stopped paying attention to the noise.

It was eye opening

The work that we do has nothing to do with the online popularity contest that seems to be so pervasive and loud.

This is NOT about fame or popularity and I see amazing business owners getting caught up in becoming a “GURU” and if they fall short, equate that with failure.

But GURU doesn’t necessarily mean high quality.

The truth is we are here to market our business so we can help others with our service, and if we do that amazingly well… will create financial wealth, not dollars in… wealth.

The fame, popularity, all knowing technique has become a favorite among online marketers.

Does this sound familiar?

“I was able to xyz (notice my amazingly gorgeous photos and the beach I frequent, not to mention my HUGE list size) and if you are part of the cool crowd who takes my course, you will have it too! But if this doesn’t sound right for you, it’s because you aren’t ready (basically you suck and aren’t ready to handle this amount of awesome- it has NOTHING to do with the fact that a 4 week course can’t possibly teach you how to make 6 figures in a month, hey logic doesn’t live hear, I’m PRETTY!!!)

I had to step back from the cacophany because it was starting to feel false, forced and out of integrity.

I noticed this in some of my clients as well. They too were caught in the hype of internet marketing and it’s false statements and false hopes.

And I made the painful decision to stop working with some clients… yes, I walked away from thousands of dollars, that is a hard pill to swallow, let me tell you.

But I also kept working with the ones that felt good and that I saw making big strides and who were doing the work diligently without drama…. if you know me, you know… I don’t do drama.

When I asked about struggling with private clients, many of the “guru’s” in my world at the time said things to me like:

“You have just outgrown one-on-one clients. You need to shift to programs. You are better than that.”

“You are at a stage where you don’t have to deal with that stuff, just focus on automated programs”

But the voice inside me kept saying this wasn’t the truth. I had to take time to find MY voice again and learn to ignore the LOUD voices of the guru’s telling me the exact opposite.

And I had to find the strength to listen. To take a year doing only what pleased me.

I spent the year working one-on-one with the most amazing clients and it was a constant reminder of what the HE is about and why I strive to help high quality business owners succeed.

I spent a year taking my skills and putting them into a different business to see if it would work. because that is my responsibility to you. To those of you who choose to work with me and allow me into your lives and businesses. It is my responsibility to deeply know how to help you. not just in theory but in practice.

It’s time for integrity, truth, and responsibility to be the loudest voice in online marketing – The internet is an astounding tool to use to get the word out about what you do. But there isn’t a magic pill, there isn’t something wrong with you and your mindset isn’t the biggest problem.

It’s the idea that this should be easy, quick, free or painless.

All of this is complete nonsense and sets us up for false expectations.

The truth is that ANY business;

Takes time, requires conversation, requires skill, dedication, and upfront capital.

You will lose money year 1-3

Break even by year 3

and begin to turn a profit by year 5.

While the internet has certainly changed the landscape of business. The age old truths hold true.

Don’t forget this when you come across that instant, quick, system promising you instant clients or money.

Find a partner for your business that has YOUR best interest in mind and continually seeks to help you rise up. One who will be with you for the long haul.

Honor yourself and your business by finding that partnership and investing in it.

When the Hindenburg Arrives

When the Hindenburg Arrives

HindenburgSometimes life is not always happy and perfect. Sometimes we can’t “self-help” our way into a better mindset in 24 hours and, hell if I didn’t look, there isn’t a program to sign up for that will fix it.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and heal.

After my divorce I spent the first year or so pushing through- thinking everything should stay the same with my business. In fact it was one of the few things that I had to hold onto during the transition. But as everything settled out I realized I had changed.

What I wanted had changed, and what I needed had changed.

To continue forcing my business forward when it had begun to feel painful and forced was not what I needed, and let me tell you this was NOT an easy discovery for me. I am stubborn and will push and push. But, it wasn’t working. This was not a question of motivation, lack of confidence, or anything of the sort.

I just needed time. Time to be uncomfortable, time to be uncertain, and time to re-evaluate. And it wasn’t a week, a month or even 6.

It was a year.

During this time I was terrified that I would want to leave it behind. That maybe all of the hard work was for nothing and that I had changed so completely that I wanted something entirely different.

It was terrifying, but I promised myself the safety to see where it lead.

And it did. Last spring when I knew I needed a change an opportunity knocked on my door and I took it. On the side I started a real estate business which allowed me to fill in a few of the things I knew I needed. Local connection and impact.

Luckily the Happy Entrepreneur business I had built allowed me to take a year where I could start a new business, continue to service my clients and most importantly, let go of what wasn’t working.

I am so grateful that it worked out this way.

And let’s be honest… I LOVE business and find it absolutely fascinating. I love to see the marketing actions taken and watch as they turn into amazing clients, in any arena. it’s why I teach people in HE how to market the pants out of ANY business. And I am happy to report the same techniques I teach in HE work amazingly well in Real Estate too. So far I haven’t found a business that they don’t work in.

The theory of the magic business pill of success is still just a fantasy.

So if you happen to be going through a transition as some people like to describe it or let’s be honest if your life feels like the Hindendburg just exploded in your front yard… know that you aren’t alone. Sometimes allowing the pain and discomfort sit with you is what is needed. The cool thing is that it does pass, it just may not be on our timeline.