Creating Products & Services That Sell – Video Stephenie Zamora

Creating Products & Services That Sell – Video Stephenie Zamora

Stephenie is the founder of Stephenie Zamora Media, a full-service, life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. Here she merges the worlds of personal development, branding, and online marketing to help men and women build passion-based lives and businesses.

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Creating Products and Services That Sell (and Deliver Outstanding Results)

One of the top areas I see my clients struggling is with creating products and services that not only sell, but deliver amazing results for their audience. This happens because most business owners are trying to shoehorn their expertise into someone else’s blueprint or template. Instead of really serving their audience in a truly fulfilling way, they’re watering down their message, information, and brand.

Rather than trying to fit your message, expertise, or teachings into the offerings that everyone else tells you is “what sells”, I recommend reverse engineering your offerings, by starting with what you want to promise your clients and customers, and creating a product, service, or program that’s as unique and powerful as your brand.

How to Reverse Engineer an Offering

1) Clarify Pain Points and Benefits

It’s true that before you begin marketing your offerings, you have to know exactly what you’re offering and who it’s for, but a little known secret to creating products and services that sell themselves is to start with writing a draft of the sales copy.

This isn’t about drafting the final, polished content for your website, it’s about starting the conversation with your ideal client or customer, then reverse engineering the perfect offering from there. Sales pages are made up of the following basic structure:

  • Who this is for? Don’t list off the demographics, clearly express the pain points, struggles, and obstacles your ideal clients and customers are experiencing. This question helps you clarify exactly who you’re creating a solution for and exactly where they need support.
  • Why are they in the right place? If they’re a person struggling with what you’ve outlined above, why is your product, service, offering or expertise exactly what they need? This question helps you clarify how you and your expertise can best serve your audience.
  • What are the benefits and results they’ll receive? People don’t care how you do what you do, they care whether or not you can solve their problems. Thinking of your ideal audience, what are the ideal benefits, results, solutions, and experiences they want or need to resolve their problems?
  • Now, how will you provide these benefits and results? This is where the reverse engineering process comes into play and is more for you than it is for your clients and customers. How will you provide them these results? Dive into the best way to structure and deliver the benefits and results you’ve promised.

Get creative with your offering. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you should do or what you’ve seen other people do. What is the best, most exciting (to you and your audience), and unique way you can deliver these benefits?

2) Outline Your Process

Whether you’re providing an ebook, program, live lecture, or something else, you want to begin by laying out exactly what you want to support people with through your offering. Create a simple outline including the main topic, teaching points, sub points within each teaching point, and a conclusion.

For programs, your teaching points will be each week or module and your support ideas can be sections within that module.

For ebooks, your teaching points may be chapters or they may simply be steps within a guide.

For a coaching package, your teaching points may become different areas of focus that you and your client may touch on while working together, creating a unique system or process you walk people through.

For a physical product, your teaching points may be areas of deliverability with subsections outlining different features or add-ons.

The primary purpose of this exercise is to outline what you need to teach, talk about, share, create an exercise around, or communicate in order to deliver the results you’ve promised.

3) Perfect Your Packaging

Equally as important as the benefits and results you deliver is how you package your offerings. This is more than just design and actual, physical packaging, it’s about the experience you’re creating and the unique way you’ll provide this product or service to your audience.

You want to consider everything from the sales process, to the signup process, to the actual delivery of goods and services, and how you want to follow up and stay connected with your clients and customers. Take a look at your brand values, vision, and ideal audience, and really consider all the details and how you can tie your packaging into your brand strategy.

If your brand strategy is built around connection, how can you create more connection with your clients and customers during the process?

If your brand strategy is built around creativity, how can you bring more of that creative energy and style into the process?

If your brand strategy is built around self expression, how can you create more opportunities for expression and authentic living during your work together?

Additionally, you have to think about the experience. What do you want your clients and customers to feel about your brand while working with you? How do you want them to describe it to their friends and family? If it’s pampered and luxurious, how can you make every step of the process feel like a day at the spa for them? If it’s fully supported and taken care of, how can you bring the concierge mindset into every interaction? If it’s fun and exciting, how can you bring a bit of energy, play, and joy into everything you do?

Infuse the process with your unique branding by considering how you can bring more of your unique personality, style, passions, and branding into each and every step of the process. Brainstorm fun and unique ways you can really customize each step to fit within your brand message.

Remember, there’s no “right way” to do anything within your business, so get creative and go wild! Think of new and different ways for everything, including the seemingly menial steps, and you’ll create an amazing, unique, and hugely fulling offering that exceeds the expectations of your clients and customers.

Make Launching Simple- Lisa Nelson (VIDEO)

Make Launching Simple- Lisa Nelson (VIDEO)

Lisa Nelson is an amazing project manager of online businesses. She is here to teach us how to make launching your next program stress free.

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5 Steps to a Successful Launch

Think about the times you have an AMAZING new program that will benefit many of your clients…you are soooo excited about getting this program “out there”.

If you want your clients, readers, and followers to be as excited as you are (and if you want them to pull out their credit card and buy!), you can’t just add the program as an offering on your website…you must LAUNCH it!

There are many different ways to virtually launch your new program. Some of your options include:

  1.   Email campaign
  2.   Video series
  3.   Challenge
  4.   Preview call

Whatever method you choose, you need to be ready to manage a program launch. If you do not successfully manage the program launch, tasks will fall through the cracks and impact your results.

The fundamentals for managing a successful launch are the same, regardless of the launch strategy you select.

When it comes to a program launch, the details will vary depending upon the program you are launching, the individual JV agreement, the recurring marketing task, etc.

However, there are five overarching pieces you can implement for EVERY project to better manage your team and your time.

Remember, don’t make things unnecessarily complicated. Keep it simple! There is no need for a convoluted project management system that is too cumbersome to utilize on a day to day basis.

#1 Develop a Concise Project Description

Make sure the team understands what exactly the project is.

For every project, have a concise description of the project explaining what you are doing and why.

Emphasis placed on CONCISE. Key pieces to make sure your team has:

Project name:


Start date:

Finish date:

Key milestones:

Project manager/point person:

Team members:

#2 Create a Detailed Task Calendar

This is where you will be connecting all the little details to the big picture. First, do big picture brainstorming for all pieces involved. What copy needs to be written? What design needs to be created? What web pages need to be developed? And so on…

Then, utilize a blank calendar for the project timeframe and start mapping out what pieces need to be completed on what dates to ensure everything is ready to launch on schedule.

All team member tasks merge together to make the big picture goal come to life. That is why a detailed task calendar is essential to ensure the timeline for all tasks is delivered appropriately to keep the project moving forward seamlessly.

This is one of the most significant pieces that will impact your entire launch and will hold all team members accountable for their respective tasks being delivered on time. An experienced project manager will be of great assistance.

This needs to be complete before you schedule the project kick off meeting discussed in #3 below.

#3 Incorporate Team Meetings

Project Kick Off

Kick off the project with a formal project launch meeting to set project expectations.

Make sure all relevant team members are present.

Deliver the concise project description + detailed task calendar in advance.

Project manager facilitates the meeting.

Ask for feedback and questions about any of the specific tasks and due dates outlined.

Close the meeting by having each team member state the project, their role, what they need to handle, and key due dates to confirm everyone is clear moving forward.

Status Updates

Yes, you may rely on email heavily to follow up on tasks, answer questions, deliver needed information, and simply check in on project status; however, you still need to utilize team meetings throughout the project launch. This allows you to more efficiently answer questions, keep the entire team up to date on status, and brainstorm any stumbling blocks you may encounter.

#4 Use Project Management Software

You need to be able to assign individual tasks to responsible parties.

You need to be able to communicate on individual tasks.

You need to be able to check off tasks as they are complete.

You need to be able to collaborate in “real time” on documents impacting the project.

Good project management software is essential. My top pick is currently TeamWorkPM, often used in conjunction with Google Drive.

You will utilize your detailed task calendar to set up the project, project tasks, and responsible team member in your project management software.

#5 Close the Project

When the project is complete, make sure all loose ends are tied up before moving on. Here are a couple examples of loose ends that can be left hanging:

  1. Opt-in pages for free calls now delivering the recording + applicable autoresponders updated.
  2. If it was a virtual event are you taking any steps to utilize the content post event…turning it into a product? Updating the sales page? Adding it to your main website?
  3. Pay affiliate commissions.
  4. Ensure all new clients/subscribers are being handled appropriately.

Evaluate the success of the program launch.

Pull numbers from google analytics, your list management service, your affiliate program, and shopping cart. Are the stats what you expected? If not, what changes should you consider for next time?

Document your thoughts now while the launch is fresh in your mind!

The Food Babe Debacle – Change is on it's way

The Food Babe Debacle – Change is on it's way

food babe marketingIf you haven’t heard what is happening out in cyber space around the once applauded Food Babe, Vani Hari, you may want to plug in for a minute. I know it’s hard to determine what is rhetoric and what is real especially in the online marketing world but I think this one is worth taking a look at. Not for who is right or who is wrong but to pay attention and decide how this could effect your business.

Long story short Food Babe has grown her very successful business exposing “unhealthy” ingredients in our daily food and teaching people how to feel and look better eating “healthy.” Her business is based on her own experience and she does not or did not attend any formal education on nutrition etc.. She has almost 1 million followers on FB, has been interviewed on Marie TV, the Dr. Oz show, CNN, NBC, and on and on. Basically she has attained what so many of us online marketing coaches desire. MASSIVE EXPOSURE. She is now able to reach and help millions of people to change their lives as she did. But in that crusade she also written many a “factoid” that well… are her opinions which have in turn been completely refuted by pretty much anyone with a formal, science based education. 

So what is the issue, these are her opinions right?

Well, a few things.

Social Responsibility: Listen, we all have our own opinions, many of which have ZERO basis on fact, or because basically it’s on old wives tail.  No judgement, I still can’t stand having the air on airplanes blow in my face because I think it’s full of recirculated germs, even though I know that isn’t actually true, it’s actually cleaner then the air in most regular buildings.

But I am not about to get up and scream to over a million people that you will most certainly die a horrible infectious death from airplane travel. Why? because that’s crazy, and frankly irresponsible. So I did what I was taught to do and did some fact hunting on the subject (not random opinions, facts from people who built the airplanes, work on the airplanes, and fly the airplanes. THEY ARE EXPERTS.)

But that is what Food Babe and many other coaches out there (in all fields) are doing.

Hey, if something worked for you, great, tell your story maybe it will inspire someone else but combine that story and passion with education, research, and continued learning. Let’s bring the conversations up to a level where we CAN have a constructive dialogue about what is happening in the world around us.

Instead of what we “believe” without proper research and investigation. There is a big shift coming in the online marketing world. No longer are businesses going to be able to get buy on this is my story so do this. Consumers aren’t going to buy it any more and they shouldn’t.

What can you do to become THE BEST in your field? More study, experience, research? As business owners we should NEVER stop learning. Let’s start there.

p.s. I didn’t put a link to the food babe discussion here because I want you to determine for yourself. Look for reputable sites and look at both sides of the coin, try not to attach it to your personal beliefs around food, we are looking at it from a business responsibility angle.

Would love to hear your opinions on this in the comments!

How Ayurveda Can Improve Your Work (Video)

How Ayurveda Can Improve Your Work (Video)

This week I’m so excited to feature another Happy Entrepreneur magazine contributor video interview. This week I am featuring the amazing Susan Shah a certified nutrition and lifestyle coach who left her job at a fortune 500 company to help people FEEL better.

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Solutions for Keeping Your Entrepreneurial Spirit in a Healthy Balance!

By Susan Shah, CHHC

As entrepreneurs, we operate at our maximum to turn our vision and passion into a lucrative business. We’re already juggling many hats, from CEO, creative director, coach, service provider, and so on.

Passion fuels us; it’s the burning desire and the source of why and what we do. Success requires hard work and hustle, yet as entrepreneurs, we often wake up exhausted, skip meals, and overdose on Starbucks just to stay afloat. It doesn’t have to be that way if you adjust your energy levels. Have you noticed when your energy levels are low, your creativity is blocked, you’re overwhelmed, and easily agitated?

A body relies on a stable environment to function. Sometimes, you need to get your body and health back in balance to operate at your best. We all deserve to have the business and life we want!

Understanding Ayurveda can help.

Ayurveda is a natural system of healing from India that teaches principles of balance for optimal health. Ayurveda tells us that we are each physically and psychologically unique, and thus the way we function is not a one-size-fits-all model. Three Ayurveda energy types make-up the characteristics of individual’s body, mind, and spirit. We all have our own proportion of each that ultimately shapes who we are.

When our energy types are in balance, we operate at our best.  Many of us, however, are functioning from an imbalanced state impacting our physical body, mental state, and how we work in our businesses. If your energy levels are yo-yoing and you’re not feeling top of your game, there are things you can do. First, let’s identify the three Ayurveda energy types and how imbalance could be showing up for you.

Vata: Energy of Movement

Vata energy regulates movement and flow in our body. How we think and the amount of thoughts we have during a given period. Vata also regulates movement of food, breath, and talking with our hands.

When Vata is in balance we are creative, energetic, alert, and constantly moving.

Those who are naturally dominant in Vata energy can manage many things at once with liveliness and enthusiasm.

When we are trying to manage too much at once, Vata energy becomes imbalanced causing worry, fear, and anxiety. You remember quickly, but easily forget. How many times do you lay awake at night stressing about your day? Or wake up with dread because you’re thinking about your long to-do list? You feel overwhelmed and keep working to get it all done; then panic arises. You skip breakfast or lunch to do it all.

Working in this imbalanced state physically shows up as constipation, insomnia, and the inability to focus. Honoring a routine is important. I recommend scheduling meals and breaks.  Eat warm foods and drink room temperature beverages. Instead of a salad or sandwich for lunch, eat sautéed veggies with a lean protein or legumes. Cold foods cause irritability and anxiety to both your digestive system and mind.

Pitta: Energy of Transformation

Pitta energy is responsible for transformative processes such as digestion, the appetite, nutrition absorption, learning, and understanding.

Individuals with strong Pitta energy are ambitious, determined, decisive, and make great leaders. They are type A personalities that thrive on structure, organization, and have the capacity to work till exhaustion.

When Pitta energy is imbalanced, people are easily angered, demanding, and impatient. Have you ever found yourself getting frustrated because your team members just can’t get it right? How about if you’re in the middle of a product launch, have a major tech glitch, and all you want to do is scream at someone?

Working in this imbalanced state can physically show up as heartburn, diarrhea, stomach acidity, and skin rashes.

Pitta energy is over stimulated by heated foods such as salty, spicy, and fried foods. Cut back on alcohol and red meat. Increase your intake of sweet vegetables and dark leafy greens such as sweet potatoes, squashes, Swiss chard, and dandelion greens—foods that have cooling and calming properties that bring Pitta back into balance.

Kapha: Energy of Structure

Kapha energy is the glue that holds our cells together. It supplies water to our body parts and lubricates our joints, and moisturizes our skin. Kapha maintains our immunity.

When Kapha is in balance, we are grounded, loving and nurturing. We enjoy helping others and are patient. We love servicing clients, enjoy listening and supporting them; this comes from your Kapha energy.

People with dominate Kapha energy may realize that because they spend so much time juggling everything and not enough time serving their clients that entrepreneurship is not for them.  Having a team is really important since they value and need collaboration.

When Kapha energy is out of balance we feel lethargic, depressed, sleep in, and hold on to emotions. Do you ever wake-up feeling heavy and snooze a bit longer to avoid starting your day? How about feeling alone, withdrawn, and unmotivated? Operating in this imbalanced state shows up physically as weight gain, congestion, water retention, and high cholesterol.

They key is to eat predominately light foods such as lean proteins and vegetables. Avoid high fat foods, red meat, and dairy—foods that cause heaviness and contribute to Kapha energy imbalance. Ensure lunch is your heaviest meal of the day and keep breakfast and dinner light.

The way you manage your business has a direct correlation to your success, health, and over all well-being. You’re in this to make a difference, but to also live a healthy and balanced life. Imagine, what’s possible if you felt great every day? You would be living your dream business!

By consciously incorporating all Ayurvedic energy aspects—or at least becoming aware of them, when the energies you identify with are out of balance, you can adjust and reposition yourself into a more positive direction.  How you show up day to day can change, and there are ways to adjust to them when you know where you fall in the Ayurvedic equation.

Why Entrepreneurs Can't Ignore Their Sex Lives- VIDEO

Why Entrepreneurs Can't Ignore Their Sex Lives- VIDEO

This week I’m so excited to feature another Happy Entrepreneur magazine contributor video interview. This week I am featuring the amazing speaker and Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard. Take a look at the great conversation we had about why as entrepreneurs and women we can’t ignore our sex lives Um… yes please!

Amy Jo’s Free Gift

Sex + Money: The Two Pillars of Joy by Amy Jo Goddard

There are two things we don’t teach young people about, and that we do a poor job of teaching adults about. They are the two things we need most–and also the two things for which education and the right tools would be a total game changer.

Ever wonder why we get zero financial education except maybe an economics class—but nothing that teaches us how to really excel with money and have a healthy relationship to it? Or why we get so little, if any, sex education, and if we do, the messages are often so limited, antiquated or irrelevant that the education doesn’t impact our lives in meaningful ways?

We absolutely need money to live and thrive. The impact on people’s lives that financial and abundance education and tools can have is unlike nearly anything else. Teaching a person how to get out of their own way around money, how to see their blind spots, how to overcome the lack mindset they learned in their families or communities and how to actually make money is a total life changer.

Nothing will uplevel a person’s life more than those tools, if they hold them right. Likewise, sex is a fundamental part of people’s lives and happiness. Relationships are one of the most important parts of our everyday lives and if we do not know how to be in them, and how to have empowered, satisfying, gratifying, mutually desired sexual experiences, we will feel the famine of human love, joy and pleasure.

Sexuality is a core part of who we all are, whether or not we choose to be sexual with other people. Having access to relevant adult sex education changes people’s entire outlook on life and their experience of freedom and wholeness.

Nothing transforms people’s lives more than breaking through around sex and money. Sex and money are the most meaningful ways we exchange energy. They help us to improve our lives, break down our walls, open to more abundance, enjoy living and loving, and do the things that make us happy. 

Sex and money are the bedrock of self-actualization, for without either, we stay in feelings of lack, wanting more, feeling incomplete, and often, angry, frustrated and bitter. I know for myself, my divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me because it forced me to figure out how to bring more money and abundance into my life. After spending my whole adult life making just enough to get by (and sometimes not even that much), and being in a relationship with a partner who made much more than I did and had supported me in living how I wanted to live in many ways, I was suddenly on my own and I had to figure it out for myself. I thought, I’m smart, and this isn’t rocket science. I can figure out this equation around money.” I knew there was something I was missing, something I didn’t know or was ignorant about and that I needed to find teachers who could show me. So I did. And I totally transformed my relationship to money, my life, and my business. I completely changed what I believed was possible. I started making more than I’d ever made and created a business model that worked.

Most of all, I got out of my own way and changed the way I was thinking about money—that is the most challenging part of the work, and the most crucial. I’ve transformed my sexual life more times than I can count. I’ve been lucky to have incredible sexuality education my whole adult life, and that has allowed me to have expansive sex and relationships, a powerful connection to my own body and pleasure, and to be fully sexually expressed. It has opened the door for me to create unusual, out-of-the-box, polyamorous relationships, to explore kink and BDSM and to live and play in the sexual complexity that is authentically who I am. If you are not happy with your sexual or financial life, or you want more in either, ask yourself if you have put enough energy into changing your patterns and relationship to these two pillars of joy.

Ask yourself how much time, energy, and money you have invested in your financial education, and in your sex education. Whatever you give energy to grows. I see this principle at work all the time when women come to my workshops. As soon as they sign up, things begin to move. They get a job offer or new clients. The lover they’ve dreamed of shows up. Opportunities appear. It puts a smile on my face every time, because I know when things move like that, it is the energy of life ricocheting back to them the more they are seeking because they took a risk, made an investment and stood in a powerful decision. And that is the recipe for quantum growth. Huge leaps happen when you take big steps, when you’ve got skin in the game.

Whatever you think is missing—put some skin in the game so you can begin to change it now. Today. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Make time for the things you want most right now. Because they are here for you. Whether that means seeing a financial advisor, going to a sex coach or workshop, buying a new book, taking a class, doing some journaling, putting together a study group or getting some mentorship in some other way, take a step. Start asking for what you really want—it’s the only way you actually get it. What would new energy, tools, education and experiences around both sex and money mean for you?

Why Facebook Ads Don't Work As Well For New Businesses

Why Facebook Ads Don't Work As Well For New Businesses

Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing is all the rage right? With it’s new small business friendly model, you can get page likes, drive traffic to opt-in pages, you name it. You can even start to see some good results for about 5 bucks a day. That’s around $ .50- 1.00 per lead.

Stupid cheap, highly targeted marketing that you can do from the comfort of your couch. No speaking events, no painful networking. What’s not to like?

Not much really… unless you happen to be just starting out.

And here is why.

The  most effective way to reach the “highly targeted audience” is to have a list of several thousand emails that have either already shown interest in your work so maybe they have opted in to your newsletter or better yet have already purchased from you. What you do is upload this list into Facebook and it runs a magical algorithm searching for people who most closely match your current clients. Then Facebook only runs your ad to those people. You get leads that are highly likely to buy from you in the future for about .50-.75 cents a lead from my experience.

Now what do you do if you don’t have several thousand highly targeted emails laying around? Well, you have to filter by demographic, which for some folks can work well but overall the quality of your lead goes down unless you keep a close eye on it. It may be inexpensive marketing but who want’s people who aren’t excited about what you are up to?

So what do you do if you are just starting out and want to build your page likes or email list using Facebook marketing?

1) Set a small budget when starting out maybe just $5 a day

2) Select by demographic. Try to be as specific as possible, there really are a million ways to drill down to your target audience in the demographic area of Facebook.

3) Monitor the results. You may get a bunch of likes or opt-in’s to your ad and that is great. However do yourself a favor and check them out.

The cool thing about Facebook is you can see who is liking your page.

Pull up your new “like’s” profile and read about them. Would this person ever buy from you? What is your Spidey sense telling you? If most of your new likes/ traffic look like a good fit, then perfect your ad is working. If it isn’t and you are looking at your new likes and you think to yourself, “this person would NEVER buy from me” then you know something is off. Go back into your ad and change one of the demographics. Let it run for a few more days and see if it changes the quality of your lead.

Keep going back and changing one demographic at a time until you start getting solid leads. It may take a little more effort but it will be well worth your time in the long run.