Can you be happy, productive, and successful?

Can you be happy, productive, and successful?

happy and successfulPeople are always asking me about productivity and how to generate more money each month. But what I find people are forgetting to ask about is how to have that feeling of happiness or fulfillment WHILE you are being productive and WHILE you are generating more clients.

Conversations very ofter go like this.

“Hi Sarah I would love to work with you because I need to figure out how to run my business, raise my kids, and keep my day job so I can make enough money. Then I won’t worry about money anymore and can be happy.”

While I totally get this, in fact if I’m not careful it can be my default setting.

But what is more important and what will actually bring you exponentially more peace of mind, money, clients, all around well- being, is to focus on what will make you happy right now.

Figure out the parts of your life that you adore. What about your day do you look forward to?

List out 5 things in your day today that you are grateful for. Not what you “should’ be grateful for. What you are actually grateful for. You will know you found because it gives a flutter in your heart or stomach it instantly sets you into joy.

Many of us “should” on what we are grateful for. I should be grateful for my beautiful children, but the truth is, today and yesterday they were fighting with each other and they were a bear to deal with.

Truth is you aren’t grateful for that today and that’s ok.

Maybe what actually brought you to tears of joy was the moment they were all in bed and you could open a fantastic bottle of wine and sip on it in peace.

So think about what you are honestly grateful for each day. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or sitting in your office listening to great music while you work.

I guarantee you start to see a shift in how you experience your productivity and success.

Can’t list 5 (don’t worry I couldn’t either when I started this) start with where you are now and start making some moments of joy. You are worth it. Let your freak flag fly and stop doing what you thing you “should” do.

Just do you.

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