Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are you an affiliate manager?

No. I get to know you, your brand, goals, preferences, and schedule. I match you personally to complimentary brands that will promote your products, announce your programs, host you for events, tele-summits, giveaways you name it.

Think of me as your agent and promoter.

Imagine this: You have a launch scheduled for January and I call you 3 months ahead and let you know that 5 new partners will be promoting for you, and all of your current partners are confirmed as well. Oh- and you have 3 interviews set up the week leading up to the launch.

Do you work per launch?

No. It takes time to get to you know your brand. This is a longterm relationship and the minimum amount of time to work with me is 12 months. I am looking for brands that are in it for the long haul. I want you to succeed and relationships take time to grow.

How do you chose who you work with?

I spend a significant amount of time deciding on my clients. You will be required to submit the program you want to promote, list size, sales copy, and allow me to go through your funnel among other items. It will be followed by a Skype video interview.

I am looking for businesses that are fantastic at what they do, and are looking to build longterm relationships.

This is not a place for businesses who are looking to cash in on relationships and promotions.

I am curating a group of solid, brilliant, businesses who believe in integrity and ethical business practices. Personality based businesses who are focused on doing "their work" and are excited about promoting the work of  complimentary partners.

What about my list size?

I work with all list sizes. If you are interested in working with me and are nervous that you will be turned down based on list size, don't fret. Contact me directly and I will give you an overview of everything I am looking for.