How to feel successful

How to feel successful

Have you ever wondered why we all say “I’ll be happy when I have enough money, great body, perfect relationship. Then I can relax, enjoy things, take a deep breath.”

You may not say these things out loud but if you take a minute and check in, chances are this is playing along happily in your head.

When I hit my revenue goal THEN I can stop worrying about money and THEN I will relax and be able to focus on something else. But what if we are doing it all wrong.

Maybe the trick is to relax, focus on the things we enjoy, keep working towards our goal but without the hard unrelenting gaze at the outcome.

Maybe we need to look around and realize that this is our life. Right now. Our life isn’t going to “start” when everything is perfect.

It’s already started.

Be that person you want to be but do it now, don’t wait until you reach the goal.

Who say’s you can’t feel confident, successful, loved, and calm just because you haven’t hit the goal 100%.

Feel confident, successful, loved, and calm because you are committed to this outcome and you are actively working towards it.


The world needs you. Your family needs you. Your business needs you.

The you that is kind to yourself and isn’t beating yourself up for not being perfect.

Live today and tomorrow as if you had already achieved everything you have ever wanted. See how it feels, who knows you may want to keep it up.

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2 thoughts on “How to feel successful

  1. This is such a brilliant article! Such good advice and so concisely put! This is exactly what I needed to read this morning as I continue my journey, you just described exactly the problem I’ve been having for YEARS!! I only just found this page (via Denise Cooper of Sexy Money!) and after reading this super helpful piece I intend to read more! Great stuff!

    Gem, Berlin

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