Logic Doesn't Live Here

Logic Doesn't Live Here

Beauty ContestOver the past year I was able to take a big step back from all the noise of online marketing. I continued to work with my amazing HE clients who astound me daily with their strength and smarts. But I stopped paying attention to the noise.

It was eye opening

The work that we do has nothing to do with the online popularity contest that seems to be so pervasive and loud.

This is NOT about fame or popularity and I see amazing business owners getting caught up in becoming a “GURU” and if they fall short, equate that with failure.

But GURU doesn’t necessarily mean high quality.

The truth is we are here to market our business so we can help others with our service, and if we do that amazingly well… will create financial wealth, not dollars in… wealth.

The fame, popularity, all knowing technique has become a favorite among online marketers.

Does this sound familiar?

“I was able to xyz (notice my amazingly gorgeous photos and the beach I frequent, not to mention my HUGE list size) and if you are part of the cool crowd who takes my course, you will have it too! But if this doesn’t sound right for you, it’s because you aren’t ready (basically you suck and aren’t ready to handle this amount of awesome- it has NOTHING to do with the fact that a 4 week course can’t possibly teach you how to make 6 figures in a month, hey logic doesn’t live hear, I’m PRETTY!!!)

I had to step back from the cacophany because it was starting to feel false, forced and out of integrity.

I noticed this in some of my clients as well. They too were caught in the hype of internet marketing and it’s false statements and false hopes.

And I made the painful decision to stop working with some clients… yes, I walked away from thousands of dollars, that is a hard pill to swallow, let me tell you.

But I also kept working with the ones that felt good and that I saw making big strides and who were doing the work diligently without drama…. if you know me, you know… I don’t do drama.

When I asked about struggling with private clients, many of the “guru’s” in my world at the time said things to me like:

“You have just outgrown one-on-one clients. You need to shift to programs. You are better than that.”

“You are at a stage where you don’t have to deal with that stuff, just focus on automated programs”

But the voice inside me kept saying this wasn’t the truth. I had to take time to find MY voice again and learn to ignore the LOUD voices of the guru’s telling me the exact opposite.

And I had to find the strength to listen. To take a year doing only what pleased me.

I spent the year working one-on-one with the most amazing clients and it was a constant reminder of what the HE is about and why I strive to help high quality business owners succeed.

I spent a year taking my skills and putting them into a different business to see if it would work. because that is my responsibility to you. To those of you who choose to work with me and allow me into your lives and businesses. It is my responsibility to deeply know how to help you. not just in theory but in practice.

It’s time for integrity, truth, and responsibility to be the loudest voice in online marketing – The internet is an astounding tool to use to get the word out about what you do. But there isn’t a magic pill, there isn’t something wrong with you and your mindset isn’t the biggest problem.

It’s the idea that this should be easy, quick, free or painless.

All of this is complete nonsense and sets us up for false expectations.

The truth is that ANY business;

Takes time, requires conversation, requires skill, dedication, and upfront capital.

You will lose money year 1-3

Break even by year 3

and begin to turn a profit by year 5.

While the internet has certainly changed the landscape of business. The age old truths hold true.

Don’t forget this when you come across that instant, quick, system promising you instant clients or money.

Find a partner for your business that has YOUR best interest in mind and continually seeks to help you rise up. One who will be with you for the long haul.

Honor yourself and your business by finding that partnership and investing in it.

2 thoughts on “Logic Doesn't Live Here

  1. Preach it, sister! This one sentence really hit me: “To take a year doing only what pleased me.”

    What if that was the standard for our lives, and how we made decisions in our businesses?

    I look forward to reading more from you!

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