Networking, Facebook ads and affiliates… what really works

Networking, Facebook ads and affiliates… what really works

There are so many options available to online service providers to market their businesses these days. But when we look at results have the outcomes actually changed? Have we all really shifted into consumers of small teasers that lead to a big sale with no personal interaction along the way?

Some may have you believe this to be true. There are countless courses on FB ads that claim to be the holy grail of lead generation if you “just do it right” but for many solo-preneurs the cost to “just do it right” is out of the question financially. Coming in a close second in popularity are google ads where the learning curve and cost to make any headway is astronomical for a new business owner.

Plus most of these leads are cold and will take many many touch points along the way in order to become raving fans.

For most solo-preneurs or small business owners, face to face relationships are the fastest way to create loyal customers and raving fans.

But how do you do that? The standards of what works to get a business off the ground quickly comes down to how many people you can talk to about your business personally and ask them to work with you. PERIOD.

I know these sound boring and outdated but there is a reason that we still talk about them… THEY WORK.

1)Network where your target market is hanging out: I don’t just mean stuffy old chamber meetings (no offense chamber, you know I’m a member.) Networking is wherever your clients are. Go find out where they hang out and go spend time there, make friends and tell them about what you do. Let it happen naturally.

2) Create events for your brand: For a long time there was a trend to only offer online programs or digital products with the whole idea focused on creating “passive income” but is that really what you are about? It puts you away from your brand and your people. Could you add in an in-person event so people could get to be in the same room with you?

Of all the brands I have watched grow over the years, every single one had a component of a live, in person offering. They people I have seen grow quickly and then fizzle out focused entirely on their online presence and nothing else.

3) Promotional partners: Find other businesses that love what you do and can help spread the word. THIS IS HUGE. Without help from your friends you are trying to grow your business in a vacuum and it is almost impossible. Start making these relationships a priority. Think about what businesses would be great referral or promotional partners for you and introduce yourself. Start creating a relationship. It will pay off dividends for you and your partners.

I don’t believe people have changed as much as we would like to believe in the digital age. We still want connections and there is no substitute for in person one on one time.

I know if you are reading this email you are trying to build a solid, long term business.

Get face to face with people It will make all the difference in your business.

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