When the Hindenburg Arrives

When the Hindenburg Arrives

HindenburgSometimes life is not always happy and perfect. Sometimes we can’t “self-help” our way into a better mindset in 24 hours and, hell if I didn’t look, there isn’t a program to sign up for that will fix it.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and heal.

After my divorce I spent the first year or so pushing through- thinking everything should stay the same with my business. In fact it was one of the few things that I had to hold onto during the transition. But as everything settled out I realized I had changed.

What I wanted had changed, and what I needed had changed.

To continue forcing my business forward when it had begun to feel painful and forced was not what I needed, and let me tell you this was NOT an easy discovery for me. I am stubborn and will push and push. But, it wasn’t working. This was not a question of motivation, lack of confidence, or anything of the sort.

I just needed time. Time to be uncomfortable, time to be uncertain, and time to re-evaluate. And it wasn’t a week, a month or even 6.

It was a year.

During this time I was terrified that I would want to leave it behind. That maybe all of the hard work was for nothing and that I had changed so completely that I wanted something entirely different.

It was terrifying, but I promised myself the safety to see where it lead.

And it did. Last spring when I knew I needed a change an opportunity knocked on my door and I took it. On the side I started a real estate business which allowed me to fill in a few of the things I knew I needed. Local connection and impact.

Luckily the Happy Entrepreneur business I had built allowed me to take a year where I could start a new business, continue to service my clients and most importantly, let go of what wasn’t working.

I am so grateful that it worked out this way.

And let’s be honest… I LOVE business and find it absolutely fascinating. I love to see the marketing actions taken and watch as they turn into amazing clients, in any arena. it’s why I teach people in HE how to market the pants out of ANY business. And I am happy to report the same techniques I teach in HE work amazingly well in Real Estate too. So far I haven’t found a business that they don’t work in.

The theory of the magic business pill of success is still just a fantasy.

So if you happen to be going through a transition as some people like to describe it or let’s be honest if your life feels like the Hindendburg just exploded in your front yard… know that you aren’t alone. Sometimes allowing the pain and discomfort sit with you is what is needed. The cool thing is that it does pass, it just may not be on our timeline.

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