You don’t have to do it all today

You don’t have to do it all today

One of the biggest reasons my clients get stuck is because they are so focused on the outcome or goal that they forget it actually takes time to get there.

So many of us see our goal so clearly and we just want to get there already. So we push and push ourselves to get unrealistic amounts of work done in a week or a month. And when we don’t feel like we are hitting these goals and we get frustrated and stop.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“I know I am just starting but I am very driven and will do everything I know how to build my list. It will be at 4,000 by the end of the year.”

“I just started my business and have one client so far. I will be ready to quit my job in 6 months and depend on my business for income.”

While these are fantastic goals the time-lines are unrealistic. In order to build a list of 4 thousand email subscribers and successfully transition from your 9-5 you have to have a few things.

A PLAN- I can’t emphasis this enough. You need to know exactly how many subscribers you will bring in and from where. If a spreadsheet or calculator is not involved… this is not a plan. And when you start rolling out your plan, expect a lot of changes as you start to see results.

Money– You will need to have a bit of seed money to get this business off the ground. Especially if you intend to grow quickly. Gone are the days of free FB advertising.

FB ads are a great way to grow quickly but they do cost money, so be prepared. Which is why keeping your 9-5 for awhile is fantastic. You can invest a bit into your business as you grow and then when you are ready begin to make the transition out. But again, you need a PLAN (see above) and don’t forget to include business expenses into your figures.

Patience– It takes time to build a business. Most experts will say it takes about 5 years to build a consistent. profitable business.

So go slowly, be patient and try to enjoy the process along the way.

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